Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results
(Albert Einstein)

There are no successful project or activities without a suitable strategy and an accurate operative plan. It is not just matter of the budget available, but mainly of the ideas and the suitable network of professionals that we have the ability to activate. The Scaenae’s team has a real passion for their work, reputation and a wide network to make each event perfectly unique: either private or business; corporate or dedicated to the launch of a new product or service.

  • Research and Strategy

Market research analysis and reports, marketing strategies, operative plans and B2B – B2C activations.


  • Public Relations

More than fifteen years of experience in PR relate to luxury brands, fashion, art & design, food & beverage.


  • Corporate events and product launches

Attention to details, from the concepts definition to the research and selection of the key partners and suppliers.


  • Incoming

Tailor-made itineraries, whether travelling on business or pleasure, they are all designed as genuine discovery and life experiences.


  • Congress

The secret of making surprising, everyday new and effective, any congress or business meeting.


  • Project Management

A unique contact point to reach your project goals in time and with the budget expected.