I have the simplest tastes, I am always satisfied with the best (Oscar Wilde)

Scaenae agency is born from fifteen years of experience in PR and event organization, from the passion for travels, art, music and culture. Scenario of suggestions, breeding ground of ideas and projects in line with the new trends. We believe in the return to elegance as the revaluation of the timeless values, tastefulness and simplicity; qualities more relevant than ever.

I do not see the difference between my work and my passions because it is an identical path, passing through the journey, the research and the rediscovery of our immense cultural heritage

Loretta Simonato

Loretta_AboutLoretta after being involved in her family company, that brought her to travel and live abroad for long periods, in 2000 she founded Scaenae, marketing consulting and PR agency, active in incoming and promotion of art and culture. Quickly developed important synergies with institutions and leading companies in the area, giving advice to major companies in the fashion, luxury, art and design in addition, with a significant portfolio of Italian food & wine excellence. Since always, she is a fan of the big cities with their myriad of events and hidden secrets. Loretta is promoting a quality incoming with the purpose of enhancing the area and the many places that deserve to be lived.


 Success in marketing goes through three words: strategy, common sense and good taste

Marina Pattori

Marina_about_2Marina is a marketing and communication professional who shares with Loretta her passion for culture, art and design. He worked several years for leading names in cosmetics, champagne and wine industries, defining their prestigious brands marketing plans and PR activities. Dynamic, outgoing, Marina is always looking for new trends, Italian excellence and cultural sights, food and wine to be enhanced. Along with Loretta is promoting a new way to travel, combining the pleasure of discovery and knowledge, with moments of comfort and, above all, great fun.