There are no successful project or activities without a suitable strategy and an accurate operative plan. It is not just matter of the budget available, but mainly of the ideas and the suitable network of professionals that we have the ability to activate. The Scaenae’s team has a real passion for their work, reputation and a wide network to make each event perfectly unique: either private or business; corporate or dedicated to the launch of a new product or service.


Our approach is to follow the needs of customers, developing the most focused and effective solutions, working with passion and always trying to think “out of the box”. Fantasy is one of the most powerful tools we have and, above all, one of the main expressions of personality. Any project or marketing activation without the right amount of imagination and innovation remains anonymous, ineffective, lost in the red ocean of competition.


Exit from the traditional cliché of a trip as a spectator to become the protagonist is the spirit in which Scaenae structures its special itineraries, person by person, group by group, company by company. The “Travel Collection” has born from a deep knowledge of the places and the protagonists living there, with the aim of enhancing the area and to live great and unforgettable experiences. Moving from the backstage to the front-stage action.